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Sequel is Virtual No More

by David Boyar |

Business, VCFO

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July 07 , 2017

Today we have launched our new website and brand refresh with a major change of dropping the word ''Virtual''. It is on the back of a lot of hard work and some fantastic insights from our awesome team.

Sequel VCFO will now be known as Sequel CFO.

The change is on the back of talking to lots of people like you. We did some market research with SME businesses turning over $2-$20m who were looking for better financial management.

We found that market sentiment has changed towards the word 'Virtual'.

When Virtual CFO was popularised the intended message was that the advisor was not full time and used cloud tools.

Sequel CFO research found that business owners associated the word Virtual with an un-real experience where the CFO wasn't available and or wasn't actually working in their business (on site or not). This has impacted their perception of what virtual and Virtual CFO means and it wasn't acting as a differentiator between soft touch and high touch advisory.

Virtual doesn't mean what it did 5 years ago to our ideal clients. We are a service first, technology second business and we need to project this reality.

Our CFOs service up to 20 clients at a time and have experienced between 20 and 30 years working in commerce. They are very real and very present in your businesses offering a service beyond what you may think Virtual is.


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— Michael Bird, Social Garden