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The Government wants to pay you for your Research & Development - but you have to act now

by Sequel |

Finance, VCFO

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April 23 , 2015

How do we know the ATO is your friend?

Because they are willing to give you back 45% of any genuine Research & Development costs you spent developing something new.

If your work sees you making or developing something that hasn’t been done before and can not be done without experimenting then there’s a good chance you will qualify.

For example:-

Fancy App thought they could build an application that would make life easy for fancy people. So they put all their assumptions on a white board and hired a bunch of superstar developers to test their assumptions.

Fancy applied for the R&D offset and ended up having almost half of their developer costs paid back to them.

The grant is a great way the government helps SME’s fund their R&D.

Here’s the catch.

You have 7 days to get your application in, so check out the governments Snapshot page an or get in touch with us http://www.randdsnapshot.business.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx#


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