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5 Benefits of Using Cloud Software

by Sequel |

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August 18 , 2016

Cloud-based software is the new innovative way to conduct business. Instead of relying on individual computer stations to work and store documents, cloud-based software lets users store, process, and manage data through web-based servers.

So what are the benefits to conducting your everyday computer needs over the Internet?

Let Your entire team access your information at once

How often have you been locked out of a system because you don't have enough licenses or because someone else is already editing a file? This often happens with desktop accounting applications, but not with cloud-based software.

With cloud-based software, any number of authorised people can work on the one document or system at any given time.

Your entire team can access all of your data, all at once. This means you can have real-time collaboration from any location around the world.

Work From Anywhere

One of the most annoying parts of using a computer is remembering where you saved what you were working on. Is it on the hard drive, your USB, your external hard drive, or did you save it somewhere else entirely?

Using cloud-based software, all documentation is stored on the Internet. This means that anyone with authorisation can access documents from anywhere at anytime.

Businesses using cloud-based software are not restricted by server storage when involved in employee handovers or location changes. Everything they require is saved in the same place, on the Internet.

This means that customer data will always be safely secured and business products will always be available regardless of what the business is doing at any given time.

Cuts Costs

Cloud-based software packages can be substantially cheaper than traditional computer software and hardware.

One of the biggest expenditures of a business is purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software of computer systems that they require to run the business.

Hardware needs to be maintained and software needs to be updated. Rather than periodically paying for theses service, cloud-based software operates off of a subscription based model. This can substantially reduce your company's overhead.

Recovery and Backup Solutions

How many times have you been working on something important when you’re struck by disaster. The power goes out. You drop your laptop. You spilt water in the laptop keyboard. And everything you’ve worked on, everything saved is gone.

Cloud-based software operates by storing everything on the web. This means that your work can be restored, regardless of what happens to your machines.

Businesses that utilise cloud-software are able to exist above human error when it comes to hard-copy document storage.

This also means that if a business is affected by large-scale disasters such as flooding, fire, or theft, you are still able to access all of their information and documentation from the web. This protects you as a business and, in turn, helps your customers.

Flexible Storage

The flexibility of storage on cloud-based software means that businesses can upgrade or downgrade their plans based on their business needs.

If a business needs to increase their plan, they can do so by simply purchasing larger subscriptions. If a business boom ends and the company needs to scale their cloud-software down to a smaller level, they can do so with minimal hassle.

This level of agility is reflected back in what a business can offer its customers, thus giving them a huge advantage over their competitors.

Enjoy the Benefits of Using Cloud Software

Companies that use cloud-based software are innovative businesses with a strong understanding of the changing nature of technology. Cloud-based software is safer, cheaper, and more convenient for businesses and is, therefore, better for their customers.

At Sequel VCFO, our Melbourne Virtual CFO service utilises cloud-based software for our business needs. By utilising this innovative technology, our outsourced CFO service is able to stay on the cutting-edge for our clients, providing the best service possible.

Would you like to learn more about the best cloud-based software for your business? If so, you can do so here.



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