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What We Do

Your Complete Outsourced Financial Service

What we do

A Chief Financial Officer is a C‑level executive, but the role is undergoing a massive change. A lot of traditional technology and even HR responsibilities are starting to fall to an organisation’s CFO.

In a large organisation, a CEO might say "We're expanding to India," and the CFO says, "OK, how am I going to make this work.” But small to medium businesses doesn’t have the resources for these kinds of executives.

First of all, a CFO costs $300,000 a year, plus incentives which may include profit share or equity. The problem is, they're still not going to do your bookkeeping, they're still not going to negotiate with your suppliers and they're still probably not even going to do monthly management reports.

A CFO is the person who sits at the top of the financial food chain and receives these reports – they're not doing the grunt work. They've got a finance department that sits under them, which costs close to a million dollars in salary and other expenses.

A small or medium sized business simply cannot afford that.

We Act as Your CFO, for a Fraction of the Price

As a Financial Mentor, we take on these roles for your business, becoming your complete outsourced accounting function. Everything from bookkeeping and payroll, to what's going on in the business, strategy, and business systems.

We become your CFO. And, because we service many clients at once, we can put it at a price point that makes it a perfect fit for your needs.

Our Melbourne Financial Mentor service has worked out a service delivery model that keeps everybody happy. Through our cash flow management, business intelligence systems, performance management reporting, strategic advice, bookkeeping and accounting, we can keep your satisfaction levels soaring.

Our Melbourne Financial Mentors Use Technology to Streamline Your Processes

Technology is a critical part of what we do.

Chris Reed, the former CEO of Xero, said anything that can be automated will be, but you still need really smart people running the automation system.

Our team utilises technology and innovations to help your business. As such, we can get tasks like doing your accounts payable down from five days a week to half a day a week. We use a global workforce and cutting-edge technology to make this happen, and the results you obtain from it gives you an incredible return on your investment.

Sequel CFO really is on the cutting edge of a lot of trends such as digitisation of business processes and models, automation of repetitive tasks, as well as utilising a global and flexible workforce.

Because everything is variable, and because everything comes from multiple sources, we can do amazing work for you at prices that were just inconceivable before.

By working with a skilled and highly experienced team like Sequel CFO, you can get all the benefits of a CFO and financial team - minus the cost.

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