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What Sequel VCFO Doesn't Do

Discover If Our Melbourne Financial Experts are the Right Fit for Your Business

At Sequel VCFO, we help small/medium businesses to thrive through a mix of sound and innovative financial services.

Our specialist Melbourne-based VCFO team are experts in their field, and can give you the control and visibility over your finances needed to make smarter business decisions.

We understand that a lot of SMEs yearn for financial clarity and stability. But, we also know that finding the right professional for the job can be easier said than done.

Hiring the right team is paramount to you reaching your goals. So, we would like to point out what we DON’T do, so that you can better understand if a VCFO will be the right choice for your business.

What Don’t We Do?

As a Virtual CFO, we don’t handle your tax or annual accounts for you. We don’t lodge tax for either you or for your business, nor do we lodge your BAS or offer tax advice around structuring, wealth management or superannuation.

Anything your accountant does, we don’t do. Because they are different skill sets.

Tax functions and advice are highly complex and time-consuming areas of finance. Whilst we are registered tax agents and are aware of the tax issues your business may face, we consider this to require an expert to manage. Similarly, we wouldn’t expect a tax accountant or auditor to try to offer the same level of Virtual CFO work we offer.

Instead, we recommend hiring a skilled tax agent or accountant to handle this for you. We would be more than happy to put you in contact with excellent professionals who can get the job done, and done well. We believe in the right specialists for the right roles.

What Can We Do?

At Sequel VCFO, while we won’t do your tax for you, we can provide you with a wide range of financial functions that can benefit your business. This includes:

Cash flow management:

A detailed visualisation of your next 90 days cash flow so you can see what’s coming and make better operational decisions.

Business intelligence:

Increasing your speed and getting more information using cutting-edge cloud applications so you can make better decisions.

Performance management reporting:

Giving you the ability to monitor performance and report to stakeholders through live financial dashboards and monthly reports.

Strategic advice:

Identifying what drives your profit and developing strategies to maximise your business’ value.

Bookkeeping and accounting:

Organising your books and using the most recent technology and accounting controls to train your team.

How Can We Help Your Business?

At Sequel VCFO, we’re not just consultants that come in and say “you could do this”, or “think about this” and then leave you to it. We get involved in your business, working hand-in-hand with you to turn the dreams for your business into reality.

We can act as your complete outsourced financial function.

We perform all tasks that a Chief Financial Officer or financial team would, but for a fraction of the cost.

With our help, you can make business decisions based on financial facts, not assumptions. Your finances no longer have to be an enigma shrouded in mystery, instead, you can finally get total control and visibility over them.

By analysing and getting to know the inner workings of your company, we can advise you on the strategy needed to reach and exceed your targets. With the help of our team, our innovation and our specialised services, you can gain a competitive advantage in your market.

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