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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business

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Your Financial Mentor News Podcast Ep. 1

by David Boyar | | No Comments
September 14 , 2018

Stuff the headlines.

Business news and affairs through the critical lens of a provocative financial mentor. 


This is the news

1. Ariana Huffington takes aim at Elon Musk's work ethic

Spreading yourself thin is a dangerous option, maybe Elon Musk shouldn’t be going to mars and running 5 companies.

For more info on creating mentally healthy work places check out



2. Shoes of Prey no more

The tech darling isn’t taking orders anymore but in a sign of how customer obsessed they are, the founder took to the medium their customers love most to break the news, Instragram.

3. Afterpay is on the rise, but who are they burning in the process?

Big businesses operate with a social license and we question if Afterpay is using theirs appropriately.

If 25% of Afterpay’s revenue are late fees, and their customers are often millennials spending on things that are almost worthless the second they leave the store, then are they good for us?

The dark side of afterpay is who they are making their money off.

4. Facebook has a new Trustworthy Score

A new score to make sure what you see on Facebook is not fake news based on the trustworthiness of the person sharing it is good for the millions of us who use social media to get our news.

‘'you cant make good decisions on misinformation''


This is the Business Owner

Patrick Lee – Founder of Rotten Tomatoes live from Start-Up Grind at MYOB

Great Quotes

''Our CFO was like our company mum''

''Managing cash in the bank relative to growth is a tricky balance''

"You learn things the hard way, when you have a community they can help support you''

‘StartUp Grind get’s people who are interested in tech startups together, even if they’re in corporate’’


This is the Financial Mentor

Cathy Hodgson 

Cathy Hodgson reflects on the most important management tool for a growing business – the bottom up budget.

Great quotes

‘’To achieve accurate forecasting you need to look at capacity in each area to service your customers’’

‘‘Capacity to meet revenue at a high level is what a bottom up budget is for each business unit’’

‘’The purpose of doing a budget is to use it as a management tool, its not to be put in a draw and never seen again’’

‘’Operational and financial performance are intertwined, this is where a leader of a business unit can find out how they are tracking’’.

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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business