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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business

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Why your Small Business Needs a CFO: And why you need one for your business’ success

by David Boyar |

Small Business Insights, Business Outcomes

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December 21 , 2017

Everyone knows how important money is to their business. Right?

Cash flow, budgets and financial viability are significant contributors to the health of every organisation, which is why it’s so crucial to have an expert financial custodian to manage these things for you.

Now we’re not referring to an average book keeper or your regular accountant, but a CFO.

A Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, can make a big difference to the overall profitability and success of your Small to Medium business. And you thought CFO's were only for the big end of town?


What does a CFO do?

Reporting directly to the CEO or business owner, a CFO provides leadership and oversight of your whole accounting team to deliver high-quality financial insight and direction which helps business owners like you make more informed decisions.

By focusing on financial risks, overall planning, record-keeping and financial reporting, they ensure that your business is running effectively and remaining profitable whilst always looking forward. They also support the operations side of your business through budget management, cost-benefit analysis, forecasting needs and the securing of new funding.

Many smaller businesses underestimate a CFO’s potential impact, or believe that this kind of role is only for multinational corporations; however, nothing can be further from the truth.

Here’s why.


How a CFO Helps Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Taking your SME business to the next level of growth is a unique challenge which favours those who are better equipped with the right team and the right set of skills. The financial side of your organisation is no exception.

Managing the accounting and finance function of organisations with up to $20m turnover requires the unique skill set of a CFO.

As your business expands, you cannot rely on yourself alone to manage the financial direction, because you will be spread too thin.

As a strategic partner and advisor, the role of a CFO is to keep a company on a solid footing and moving forward. They are responsible for overseeing all of your business’ financial activities and operations, including addressing the day-to-day analysis and immediate needs, such as establishing performance measures and understanding the drivers of cash flow, as well as longer-term requirements, such as assessing potential opportunities and financial risks.

If you have a member of your team solely ensuring value is being created, your business is set up not only to survive the growth stage, but improve profitability too!


Why Should You Hire A CFO?

In today’s highly digital and competitive environment, small to medium businesses need a CFO now more than ever.

As your operations begin to grow, your financial situation becomes far more complex and the requirements become more demanding. A CFO’s services can keep your business running, and save you the headache.

We understand that smaller businesses may not have the capacity to hire a CFO as part of their headcount. However, with Sequel CFO, you can outsource this role, to get the financial expertise for your business needs, at an affordable cost.


Want to take a CFO for a test drive?

You can experience for yourself the benefit of having a CFO on your team by having your financial questions answered by a real CFO in 24 hours. How good's that?

Simply follow the link below, and ask how your business can benefit from having a CFO’s skill set.



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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business