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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business

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New CEO Appointed

by David Boyar | | No Comments
December 18 , 2018

I am thrilled to welcome Maria Robinson as CEO of Sequel CFO. 

When I launched Sequel CFO in 2014 the vision was clear and was further realised when I franchised the business in 2017. The vision is for SMEs to have access to a CFO, Financial Mentoring and all the insights and benefits a CFO can bring while maintaining the agility an SME needs to bridge the gap between a bookkeeper and accountant.

We have enjoyed steady growth, made genuine impacts on the lives of our clients and our franchisees and just as we advise our clients about ways to grab their opportunities on their growth journeys, we also find ourselves on our own path. 

Like all good businesses, growth mean you need to bring in great people. To prepare the business for accelerated growth David has appointed as CEO Maria Robinson.

Maria joins Sequel following an extensive career in banking and franchising as well as supporting SMEs through her work with the Franchise Council of Australia, the Small Business Commissioner Victoria and Beyond Blue.

We are excited to have an executive of Maria’s calibre join the business. Franchising is quite a complex business model where commercial goals and frameworks need a collaborative culture between clients, franchisees and the franchisor.

Our team is committed to business excellence underlined with strong ethics at Sequel and this was part of the selection criteria in appointing Maria as CEO.

Having worked in large corporates as well as SMEs it is very clear on where Maria’s passions are.

Growing up in small business has instilled in me admiration and respect for the energy, drive and sheer courage that comes with being an SME. To be supporting this sector of the business world in regard to both Franchise Partners and clients is an honour.

Our strategy is built on developing operational excellence and efficiencies centred on service and support to our franchisees and clients; we are focused on exponential growth through the Franchise Partner channel.

- Maria Robinson

With the appointment of Maria as CEO I am stepping up into the role of Managing Director. Product and service innovation as well as international expansion will be my objectives moving forward.

Get in touch Maria - maria@sequelcfo.com.au 

David Boyar

Managing Director and Founder.




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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business