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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business

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How visibility and control lead to financial growth

by David Boyar |

Finance, Growth, Visibility

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April 09 , 2019

 Everybody wants to grow. This may appear to be your top priority, but should it be? How do you actually work out what your priorities are? And how do you grow while minimising growing pains?

The Value of Financial Visibility

The idea that financial control isn’t a top priority is inherently flawed. There’s no denying that growth is important. But the way a business can grow, the way a business can make money, is by getting a great return on the capital invested in it, not by just increasing the top line.

Growth starts by determining how much cash is available whether from profits, debt, or equity that’s been put in the business.

The only way you truly grow is when you can deploy that cash to get the greatest return possible for yourself and your shareholders. The only way you can truly know the best way to invest that cash is to be able to financially model the investment opportunity laid out in front of you.

Financial Control lets you do this.

We Help You Achieve Growth with Financial Visibility 

We can assist you in achieving growth by preparing a fuller financial forecast. We’re able to model out different options and assess different things that could be happening for your business. We’re able to calculate returns on investment of any cash that can help support quality sales growth.

More importantly than that, we can then show you where cash should be spent or where you need more to achieve a particular goal.

The only way you know which way to go is if you have visibility into the future. Visibility is two-fold. Visibility covers what’s going on right now, which comes through having really good financial control, really good, regular and timely reporting, coupled with smart advice to tell you what to do based on that.

Visibility is also what’s going to happen in the future. Growth is solely about what’s going to happen in the future. What decisions do we need to make now to achieve the growth that we think we want in the future?

We Guide Your Business and Give You Financial Control

Growth is great and you should strive for the size of business that you want. But you need to make sure you’re doing it with support. If you plan on growing, your business and the way you manage your internal financial team will change with it.

If you’re not prepared, if you don’t know within a very reasonable margin of error what those resources are going to be, it will be very difficult to make the right decisions around financial management today. You increase the risk of your business dramatically.

With financial control through Sequel CFO, you get to sleep at night knowing that we’ve taken into account every reasonable permutation that could come up in the business, every expense, every scenario that we think is reasonable and we have been able to forecast it, plan for it and manage it. 

If you know what the position is going to be, you can get advice to help you manage it. This is where we come in. We have teams of people who not only get you the control that you need but also can build the models which tell you what’s going to happen in the future, and can advise you on ways to help manage it today.

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The Financial Mentor with David Boyar: Lifting the lid on business