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Cash Flow Management Service

Get Control and Visibility Over Your Finances.

Managing cash flow is not a one-time event, it’s not the sort of project that gets ticked off a to-do list as done.

Cash flow, or working capital, is the fluid movement of events in your business and we offer a service to continually manage it for you.

What our ongoing cash flow management does

Our Melbourne VCFO team works with you to continually update and execute cash flow strategies to make sure you don’t break the bank. This includes:

  • Updating information in a timely manner
  • Assisting in negotiating with suppliers
  • Finding alternate funding options
  • Determining how much you can pay creditors on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Making sure you are on top of statutory obligations (No more surprises about how much you owe the tax office)

What you get from our Virtual CFO service

Aside from the peace of mind that a senior finance professional is helping you manage your cash each period (weekly or monthly) you will get a report that covers:

  • Your expected cash position in 60 days and the drivers or assumptions to make that happen
  • A suggestion of what should be done to make sure you meet your commitments
  • Alerts for any red flags we have seen in your planning
  • Suggestions to increase the quality of information in your cash flow

What we don’t do

  • We do not have access to your bank and we do not make payments on your behalf. This is a key principle of ours and ensures a high degree of financial control through something called segregation of duties.
  • We don’t sign contracts with suppliers or enter any legally binding arrangements on your behalf
  • Our cash flow services are often packaged with bookkeeping and management accounting. Unless we are engaged with these complimentary services we do not attest to the accuracy of information in the cash flow

How we make sure you get a return on investment

Business is dynamic and ever changing, it is our job to continually update the information used to make cash flow decisions. We do this two ways:

  1. By determining how dynamic your business is, we can determine how often you need to work with us to update information
  2. Your budget is always considered in delivering what you need to make sure we keep a high return on investment

At Sequel VCFO, we can be your complete outsourced financial service. With our team of Melbourne cash flow management specialists, you can get the expert guidance you need in order to make smarter business decisions based on facts, not assumptions. We perform all tasks that a Chief Financial Officer or financial team would, but for a fraction of the cost - helping you to achieve an optimal return on your investment.

Would you like to discover if your business would benefit from Sequel VCFO’s cash flow management service? If so, we offer a Cash Flow Diagnostic service in which we assess your current cash flow position, and how we can serve to improve it.

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