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Bookkeeping and Management Accounting Service

Superior Financial Management for Your Business.


Experiencing a bookkeeper led by a CFO, as opposed to a stand alone bookkeeper, is an experience every business owner needs to have.

It's one like no other, and the quality of service you receive is second to none.

At the core of bookkeeping are the humble tasks of bank reconciliation and payroll, but at Sequel VCFO, we do far more than that.

Our bookkeepers reconcile your bank according to best practice accounting policies and with incredible timeliness, checking your bank daily. This means you are able to avoid thinking about what a transaction is, months after it occurred.

This means you are able to avoid having to think about what a transaction is months after it occurred. 

We overcome one of the biggest complaints we hear from SME owners, having to wait for their bookkeeper to come in. We do not only work for you on set days and times, we are here between 10AM and 6PM every work day. Why wait for your question to be answered?


By utilising our specialist Melbourne bookkeeping service, you will receive accurate financial information that is prepared on a timely basis.

This information will also be in accordance with approved accounting policies, as well as data that is primed for a CFO to use for business intelligence, strategic advice and cash flow management.

Our bookkeeping service is very affordable, yet delivers a superior customer service experience. 


At Sequel VCFO, we don't sit in your office because you like to “see someone in the seat”. All our engagements are priced based on what we do, not how long it takes to do it or how much face time you need in your office. 

Often in SME’s, the bookkeeper is also responsible for general office duties or administration work. 

We view finance as a critical business function that needs to be run by experts, and therefore don't offer administrative services.

Usually, businesses who engage our services also take the opportunity to review their administration needs and streamline those processes throughout the business. We can refer you to partners who excel at this work, so we can focus our expertise on handling your business' finances.

The team at Sequel VCFO can act as your complete outsourced Melbourne financial function. By utilising our wide range of specialities, you can gain control and visibility over your finances.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that the lifeblood of your business - your finances - are being handled by seasoned professionals. And, at the fraction of the cost of an internal financial team or CFO. 

Would you like to learn more about our bookkeeping service, and what it can do for you? If so, discover our Bookkeeping Diagnostic - a service designed to map out what you are currently doing in your bookkeeping and management accounting, and what you should be doing to achieve your goals as well as pick up any errors you may be running with. Discover more about our Bookkeeping and Management Accounting Diagnostic here.

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