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Business Strategy Service

Leverage Your Current Position to Meet Your Future Goals

When we look at really successful teams, we find a common theme. That heads of multiple departments are involved in strategy.

Yet in so many SME’s, the head of the finance team (a CFO) or the person that is head of the business isn’t strategically minded.

Strategy is essential to your business’ success. So what happens when you do include finance in your strategy?


At Sequel CFO, we believe that you can not possibly make the right decision for your business if you don’t know the truth of your current financial position. This belief is prevalent in every piece of advice we give, and every service we offer.

Our Business Strategy Diagnostic is centred on finding out financially what makes your business drive. We look at a combination of your sales, gross margin, business unit, staff, inventory utilisation and profitability with a simple goal:

Can we get enough visibility over what makes you profitable? If so, how can we leverage this information for the future?


Strategy is often a difficult and broad topic to engage with. To make our Diagnostic more effective, we have broken it up into 2 business strategy areas. You can engage us to do all of the following, or just parts you think your business will particularly benefit from.

Business Profitability Review

In the Business Profitability Review, our Melbourne outsourced CFO team will look through your business to identify profitability growth opportunities or ways to mitigate losses.

This goes much deeper than merely reducing overheads. We may review your supply chain, your pricing strategy or even your remuneration strategy. Usually, we divide the business in ways we think make sense to identify your best performing areas.

Financial Forecasting

The importance of budgeting can not be understated. This is the backbone of financial control. Our outsourced CFOs forecast thoroughly with the goal of helping you to set goals throughout your organisation.

In our operations, we use advanced modelling tools that are used on Wall Street. Why? Because businesses are dynamic. We need methods that are flexible enough to apply to any business and any scenario. This way, you know when your bank asks for a forecast, you’ll be ready.


When utilising the Melbourne financial functions at Sequel CFO, we will never just give you warm, fuzzy presentations and generic reports. At the end of the Business Strategy Diagnostic, you will know:

  1.   What business units are the most profitable and some high-level suggestions to manage them
  2.   Where you are losing money
  3.   What your financial goals are for the next 1 - 3 years and how to achieve them

Sign up for a Business Strategy Diagnostic with Sequel CFO today to give your business the expert information and guidance it needs to succeed.

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