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Michael Little

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Michael Little, Franchisee

Michael Little joins Sequel CFO after a career spanning multiple industries with a strong reputation as a great communicator of financial insights whilst having the operational excellence to get the most out of an accounting team. He loves working with external accountants as passionate about his clients as he is.

Get to know Michael as he talks about his passions and experience below…

What are your career highlights?

I have had a number of career highlights, however what stands out is the integration of five SME’s into one organisation and working with the Board and Business Owners in streamlining five accounting and operational systems into one. This has given me a great foundation to integrate the new style of cloud accounting applications for great efficiency and increased business performance.

I have also helped saving costs such as freight, IT running costs, telecommunications, waste, power through a structured approach to managing overheads. Often I find, that businesses just don’t have the time to do this properly

At the big end of town, I integrated SAP into a larger business which involved understanding the business drivers for profitability of 22 businesses.

What is the biggest impact you have had on a business?

I would say that the biggest impact is helping SME’s sort out their financial reporting structures which allowed them gain funding and allowed their external Tax Accountants and Advisors to have confidence in them. I was able to do this by having a thorough understanding of their business and being able to critique the “Business Drivers”. This was also achieved by implementing budgets and cash flow forecasting which helped the tax accountants, who sat on the businesses board, manage the overall risk.

You have a lot of big business experience, Why do you like working with SMEs?

I enjoy working with SME’s because I get to deal with the owners who are entrepreneurs. They understand their business and where they want to take it, however sometimes they need guidance of how to get there from a seasoned hand.

What industries do you have experience in

I have over 30 years experience in

  • Logistics with a major focus on supply chain efficiency,
  • Retail (Including supermarkets, fashion, petroleum & duty free)
  • Import / Distribution / Wholesale which is an exciting place of online retailers

How do you communicate with your clients

 I would prefer communicating face to face however this will not always be possible. Therefore the next best thing is skype video calls and emails. As a finance leader, I have to change my style from coaching and guiding to sometimes laying down the hard facts.

What’s the best way to contact you?

You can check me out on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-little-249bb02b/

Email me: Michael.little@sequelcfo.com.au