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How We Help You

Giving You Control and Visibility Over Your Finances

How we help

Our team of Melbourne Financial Mentors gives you financial control and visibility over your business.

We help you to reach your goals and help you to sleep better at night by taking away some of your stress. We're not just consultants who come in and say "you could do this”, or “think about this" and then leave - we actually do it.

We will do whatever you need. Even if it means going out to your new property and meeting your new landlord to try and negotiate a better deal with him at six o'clock in the morning!

We want to help your business to thrive, to give you peace of mind and to give you confidence in your company’s future.

We Analyse Your Finances, Advising and Acting On the Findings

Pick an area of your business and we'll do a five or six dot point analysis of its current position through our As-Is Vs. To-Be analysis. It could be anything ‑ your accounts payable process, your customer mix, your segmentation, your operations, your key staff, whatever you like.

We visit your business so we can fully understand your operations and needs - fast. We then workshop what we think needs to change. We'll listen to your strategy, and advise on any strategic changes that are needed in order to reach your goals. But, unlike management consultants, we have the finance team on hand to execute the changes.

Our team also involves your operations staff in strategy conversations, so we can fully grasp what is, and isn’t, an attainable target for the business.

We help you to get a clear picture of your dream for the future. We investigate the risk of what you're doing now, the immediate action items needed and best practices to make that dream a reality.

Helping You to Make Smarter Business Decisions

The practical nature of our advice, strategy and reports mean that it’s easy to understand - and completely actionable. You won’t get a 30-page report that will just sit on a desk, never getting read.

Financial Reports are important but only if the information they are prepared with is accurate. We make sure you're reflecting the economic reality of your business in your reports, not just a coded up bank statement where business events are missing.

Additionally, because we are experts in cloud software such as Xero, we know how to put tabs on different pieces of data, meaning we can sort and review it later on. With this clear financial data and our expert interpretation of it comes the power to change and shape your business’ future. We are here to help your business reach its full potential. 

We Help You to Improve Your Business Through Financial Control and Visibility

Once we have all the facts about your business, we advise you on how to improve it. We work out which areas are profitable and which aren't, developing individual strategies for each.

Our team of Melbourne Financial Mentors are completely transparent with you throughout our time together, communicating regularly to ensure that everyone is on the same page. We want to help you reduce your stress and regain control of your business’ finances.

Through a customised combination of financial services such as cash flow management, business intelligence, performance management reporting, strategic advice, bookkeeping and accounting, we can perform all the duties of a highly skilled CFO and financial team for a fraction of the cost.

With the help of our team, our innovation, and our specialised services, you can gain a competitive advantage in your market.

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Looking for advice on how to improve your business finances? Explore how our Diagnostic services run by our Melbourne financial experts can help you to gain control and visibility over your company's finances. 

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