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Does the business owner need to control the finance systems?

  It’s easy to feel that you need to be on top of every aspect of your business. But, in fact, if you had financial control and visibility, you wouldn’t need to maintain overall control and divert you...

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Episode 3 - Tech is Dead; Up Banking, Ticketek Restructure

In The Wrap this week, we find out how Ticketek have restructured their company, what the Fyre Festival debacle has to do with your business and some time management inspiration from the professionals...

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Interview Special: Why Did Appster fail? with CFO Mahesh Gupta

What's the point of getting big? Appster grew. Fast. Very fast. Then it failed. In this interview with Appster CFO Mahesh Gupta you will learn:- Why it’s important that your CFO has influence in your ...

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